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  • Celebrating the indomitable spirit of public works

  • Tough Stuff

  • Wake-Up Call

  • All in the Line of Duty

    I spent last Monday with New Orleans public works director Robert Mendoza, who delivered what must have been the most complete, short-term lesson possible on managing public expectations.

  • No Time for Café au Lait

    New Orleans' recovery is a tale of two cities where repair and rebuilding sit side-by-side with demise and despair. At times it seems that improvements aren't happening fast enough, but city officials say that--considering the damage it suffered--the recovery is just where it should be.

  • Post-Katrina design projects applauded

    As New Orleans continues the slow journey on the road to recovery, the city's architects are aiding the effort by designing first-class parks, preservation of historic buildings, and other projects.

  • Safe houses' guard Louisiana water workers

    In Katrian-ravaged Jefferson Parish, contractors and parish leaders are rushing to construct “safe rooms” at 20 pumping stations in the parish—a move that can protect both lives and property.

  • Letters to the editor March 2006

  • Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

  • Carry that weight

    Despite our best efforts, government can't solve every problem. We run our cities as well as we can with what we have and hope for the best. And sure, we don't mind if the feds or the state gives us some money, but we don't really expect it, nor do we even necessarily think it's fair that they do...