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  • PUBLIC WORKS Products October 2006

    The latest in sewer inspection, repair, and cleaning products

  • Sensing a solution

    The Water Distribution and Collection Division of the city's Department of Public Utilities has developed a flow monitoring program that provides snapshots of current conditions, letting them identify, isolate, and rehabilitate sections that aggravate the I/I problem.

  • Swamped in the Everglades

    Now that the Everglades's natural water flow has been altered to civilize Florida, civilization is attempting to alter the wetlands again, this time to save the Everglades.

  • Mission: possible

    Few public utilities look at the long-term “big picture.” Strategic plans look beyond those capital improvements and focus on other critical issues that a municipal utility must plan for. A strategic plan defines the mission of the utility and the issues that are critical to its success, and...

  • Scrutinizing your sewer

    Sewer utilities can improve performance and reverse the aging process by implementing buried infrastructure management (BIM), a systematic planning process that allows them to leverage resources to maximize the immediate and long-term benefits of every action.

  • Tight squeeze

    Membrane filtration isn't just for big cities. Two small water districts are using the decade-old technology to combat discharge requirements and prepare for growth.

  • The price of pollution

    Keeping up with federal water-pollution standards wasn't too onerous in the 1970s, when events like Earth Day made it politically expedient to turn on the federal spigot. But standards keep getting tougher.