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  • Curbing noncompliance

    What you need to know before putting your next resurfacing project out to bid.

  • First response

    Why you should consider applying incident-command methods to winter operations.

  • Conventional Wisdom Be Damned

    A data manager explains why experience trumps cheap labor during asset inventories.

  • The Case for Connectors

    Using freeway rather than interstate standards would allow cities, counties, and states to afford expansion.

  • Restricted Access

    Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) combine information and communications technologies with vehicles and infrastructure to improve traffic routing and travel times, and trim fuel consumption. 

  • Slip-Sliding Away

  • The Necessary Evil?

  • Test Results: Inconclusive

    The lack of uniformity in testing procedures from state to state is fueling the need to establish standardized testing procedures for modified asphalt across all 50 states.

  • Clear as mud

    If clarifying a detail is as easy as reading a note on the construction plan sheet, why do contractors make so many requests for information?

  • Ready or Not

    Context-sensitive design involves the input of all stakeholders so infrastructure projects can balance economic, social, and environmental objectives while meeting the needs of end users.