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  • Road and sewer project a team effort

    City earns engineering award for multifaceted project that used three environmentally friendly asphalt rehabilitation methods.

  • Making recycling pay

    Mobile app reduces contamination in Greensboro, N.C.'s recycling program.

  • Smarter lift stations

    Smart VFDs use algorithms to estimate flow and whether the pump is running within its preferred operating region. When combined with remote telemetry and big data, these units provide key performance data.

  • Converting sodium lights to LEDs

    Small Washington city makes history with streetlight-driven energy metering. Convincing the local utility to switch from an unmetered flat rate tariff to usage-based billing was key to optimizing savings.

  • Saving energy in public buildings

    Retro-commissioning is a low-cost way to reduce energy costs by 10% to 20%, freeing public funds for other uses.

  • Public projects' costs

    Think twice before issuing bonds to pay for a project that’s not fully designed.

  • Granite war memorial improved

    Thousands celebrate a new and improved World War I memorial in Minnesota.

  • Water and wastewater dangers

    New OSHA standard addresses the unique dangers posed by water and sewer system construction and improvements.

  • Utility ups energy supply with county landfill gas

    Award-winning landfill gas-to-energy project highlights benefit of a new type of plastic pipeline.

  • Rehrig Pacific organics cart

    The 32-gallon EnviroGuard doesn’t have to be unlocked before collection, and works with both manual and automated collection systems.