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  • Want help with elected officials? Ask IBM

    Suffolk County, N.Y., is using the company's Smarter Cities Challenge to solve an $8 billion problem created by Hurricane Sandy: groundwater contamination. Instead of money, though, IBM donates time and expertise in a full-court press on local officials to join in.

  • Our highways' toll on wildlife

    Fall is peak season for roadkill. But we can cut the cost and the carnage.

  • How FHWA spends its money

    According to the General Accountability Office, most Federal Highway Administration funding goes toward improving roads and bridges (64%). That doesn't leave a lot for the many activities required to plan and build safe roadways, particularly if they're also going to be used by bicyclists and...

  • Who's clogging Seattle sewers with concrete?

    Seattle officials are working to figure out how two different Seattle sewers became clogged with concrete.

  • 5 stats that show U.S. water consumption is at all-time low

    Looks like all those conservation campaigns are paying off. Even as population continues to grow, new data shows the water we use every day represents the lowest annual volume since before 1970.

  • Are traffic lights doomed?

    How acoustic sensors could be used to direct the flow of vehicles in congested areas.

  • Everyone should follow ADA guidelines for federal outdoor areas

    QUESTION: Michele, is it true that the Access Board has new guidelines for outdoor areas? I hope so! I’m a wheelchair user who loves the outdoors. —Kikki, Wyoming

  • VIDEO: "60 Minutes" covers America's neglected infrastructure

    In case you missed this episode Sunday, "60 Minutes" asked a former U.S. Transportation Secretary and former American Society of Civil Engineers president to explain why roads, bridges, and airports are outdated.

  • CA1300 and CA1500 rollers from Atlas Copco

    Optional Active Bouncing Control (ABC) feature prevents operators from damaging the rollers when compacting soil on pipe trench, road shoulder, and street projects.

  • 930K small wheel loader from Caterpillar

    Like the other two updates to the company’s H Series, this machine’s Hystat control software gives operators four performance modes to choose from.