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  • Proposal would virtually eliminate mercury waste

    Dentists wash 4.4 tons of mercury down the drain each year that wastewater utilities must then remove. EPA wants to require dental offices to buy a $700 piece of equipment that removes toxic metals before discharge to public sewers.

  • New minimum wage to cost taxpayers $500 million

    Beginning Jan. 1, federal construction, service, and other contractors have to pay employees at least $10.10 per hour. The Labor Department says higher productivity and lower turnover will offset the increase.

  • VIDEO: Texas DOT's $44 million spider

    Revisions to a Texas highway modernization project will protect the habitat of an endangered spider, but it will cost nearly three times as much.

  • Is this bridge design a contributing factor in suicides?

    More than 80 people have jumped off New Jersey's Victory Bridge in an effort to commit suicide since it was redesigned in 2004. Locals say the state needs to install barriers.

  • Is this the future of green transportation?

    In London and Los Angeles, these innovative transit projects could create more environmentally sustainable methods of moving people and goods.

  • 903C compact wheel loader from Caterpillar

    Premium features throughout the 903C’s design ensure optimum operator comfort and safety, ease of operation, simple routine maintenance, and, with its universal-type (skid-steer-type) coupler and auxiliary hydraulics, exceptional versatility.

  • What you missed in New Orleans last week

    As if the city itself weren't enough, products were promoted and achievements acknowledged during North America’s largest wastewater show: the Water Environment Federation’s 87th annual WEFTEC conference. Read on to find out which team of operators and technicians won the coveted Operations...

  • Thermal video cameras' potential

    The benefits of integrating thermography with SCADA and other process-monitoring systems for water and wastewater operations.

  • The ROI on enterprise GIS tools

    Integrating GIS over multiple jurisdictions keeps a commuter rail project running smoothly.

  • Who's responsible for protecting temporary workers?

    OSHA says treat your temporary workers as you treat your own existing employees. Also, work closely with temporary staffing agencies.