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  • Kwik-Trim mechanical trimmer from Loftness

    Loftness Specialized Equipment released a new version of its Kwik-Trim compact mechanical tree trimmer for right-of-way maintenance work. Featuring an upgraded chassis and powertrain, the unit offers more horsepower, increased stability and easier maintenance than the previous model.

  • Terracon Reinforces Facilities Capabilities with Texas Acquisition

    Terracon, a leading provider of environmental, facilities, geotechnical, and materials engineering services, announces the expansion of its facilities services capabilities through the acquisition of Building Exterior Solutions LLC (BES) of Texas. Terracon retains BES' 20+ employees and offices in...

  • A Closer Look at Highway Bill's Environmental Provisions

    The Fix America's Surface Transportation Act is more than 400 pages.To make it easier to understand changes to air quality and other environmental requirements, this article addresses them in the order in which they appear in the law.

  • It's Official: EPA Rules on Water Contaminants

    The agency's decided not to regulate four of the 116 chemicals on its third contaminant candidate list (CCL), which includes disinfection byproducts and pharmaceuticals.

  • New Rotary Lift lights for under trucks and buses

    When raised on vehicle lifts, trucks and buses can block overhead shop lights and force technicians to use other means to illuminate the work area. Rotary Lift’s new LED runway light kit for heavyduty vehicle lifts addresses all of these issues.

  • City Was Planning to Change Water Suppliers

    The City of Flint, Mich., has been building infrastructure to connect to a regional system that will cost residents less than getting water from Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department, which has had financial struggles of its own. The $285 million project will draw water from Lake Huron.

  • Public Works Praised for Snow Removal

    Has anyone ever dropped off a thank-you gift for you? Residents and council members are thrilled that this Iowa public works department resolved a thorny issue: whose streets get plowed first.

  • Self-Healing Concrete: Cure for Crumbling Roads?

    Researchers say they've developed concrete that repairs itself and purifies water. Even if true, the costs associated with such mixes make them cost-prohibitive for most public applications.

  • Agitator gearbox from Chemineer

    The Chemineer Model 20 HT/GT agitator gearbox is specifically designed for agitator duties in a wide range of service in the chemical, pharmaceutical, ethanol and biofuels, water and wastewater, FGD, power and other general process industries.

  • New StormTech chamber from Advanced Drainage Systems

    Low profile chamber provides reduced footprint with maximized storage volume for storm water management systems with shallow cover.