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  • U.S. Infrastructure a 'Mess' Compared to Other Countries

    The value of U.S. infrastructure is second only to China's. But when compared to the rest of the world, we're severely underfunding the road and water systems that contribute to our world-famous productivity. It's not a sustainable model.

  • Bentley’s OpenRoads ‘BIM Advancements’

    Introducing OpenRoads CONNECT Edition, OpenRoads Navigator CONNECT Edition, andOpenRoads ConceptStation.

  • Breaking Down the Best and Worst Regions for Water Conservation

    Take a look at this interactive map of the states that have the highest and lowest share of bathroom faucets, shower heads, and toilets that meet EPA's WaterSense certification for water efficiency.

  • 39 Projects Awarded TIGER Grant Funding

    That's a whole lot more need than available funding. In the end, 39 projects in 34 states received support this year through the U.S. DOT's Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery program. Almost half are in rural areas.

  • City Tries to Fire Contractor Over Gas Leaks

    In yet another example of how inaccurate as-builts make bad PR for public works, residents and business owners affected by what was supposed to be a straightforward water and sewer project are less than happy about unexpected delays.

  • Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick Acquires Lamac Engineering

    Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Inc. (HLR), a leading provider of civil engineering, environmental and surveying services to public agencies across Illinois and surrounding states, today announced it has acquired the Mount Carmel, Ill.-based firm Lamac Engineering. Joining forces with Lamac greatly...

  • Obama Extends Highway Funding Another Three Weeks

    If that's not the shortest short-term extension ever, it's got to be close. The real question, however, is if that's enough time for the House and Senate to finally agree on the first surface transportation program since 2005.

  • D.C. Water Begins Harnessing Electricity From Every Flush

    D.C. Water's new technology, the first of its kind in North America, turns people's waste into electricity.

  • Nation's Largest Solar-Powered Desalination Plant

    Most of California's desalination plants are built near coasts so ocean water can be turned into drinking water. This inland project is going to remove salt from water that was used to irrigate crops.

  • FREE Podcasts Focus on Sewer Rehabilitation

    Five podcasts explain what geopolymers are, as well as how actual stormwater and sewer agencies use the product to repair and rehabilitate leaky systems.