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  • ALTA Environmental Selected to Improve Water Management in California

    The City Carlsbad has selected the consulting firm ALTA Environmental to improve water management and quality in the city.

  • Confined Space Ventilation Blowers from General Equipment Co.

    General Equipment Company introduces the EP16ACP axial-flow confined space ventilation blower. Compared to other models of axial-flow blowers from General Equipment, this new unit is larger with a 16-inch diameter inlet/outlet and delivers greater airflow.

  • FAA, Contractors Battle Over $500M Courthouse Construction

    The contractor wants to place cranes 600 feet above sea level. The Federal Aviation Administration says 511 feet is the maximum height for safe air traffic. Was a lawsuit filed or just threatened?

  • Name That Tunnel-Boring Machine!

    You've got until Dec. 1 to vote for one of 10 proposed names for the equipment that's going to drill the Los Angeles County Transportation Department's new 8.5-mile, $2-billion subway tunnel.

  • Why South Carolina's Dams are Failing at a Record Rate

    Record flooding is washing away the state's earthen dams. Experts provide four reasons the structures are so vulnerable.

  • Is This the Next Nationwide Transportation Network?

    Entrepreneur Elon Musk thinks he can solve chronic road, rail, and air traffic congestion with a national Hyperloop Transportation System. A 5-mile, $150 billion test track is under construction in Kings County, Calif.

  • FiberSPAN Cantilever Sidewalk from Composite Advantage

    Design flexibility means FiberSPAN can work with any superstructure configuration and incorporate features like skews, curbs and drain scuppers. Non-slip surface decks are available in a range of sizes, shapes and depths as well as different strength and stiffness properties. Lighter weight means...

  • Sewer Repair System from Infrastructure Repair Systems, Inc

    Infrastructure Mainline Point Repair System is the cost effective, permanent solution for aging sewer systems. A leaking joint or even a missing piece of pipe is not a reason to line the whole pipe. Eliminate the problems and save with each point repair.

  • 10 Eye-Catching Public Works Products

    I love checking out products at the American Public Works Association's annual convention. This year's show was in Phoenix, but neither 110-degree heat nor the city's worst storm in 39 years dimmed my enthusiasm.

  • Best Practices for Pavement Smoothness Specifications Released

    The Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) has released a report summarizing current US asphalt and concrete pavement smoothness requirements. The report provides timely information as the US undergoes a major shift in the way smoothness specifications are written.