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  • President Obama’s second stimulus package

    In 2009, the Build America Bond program was launched to jump-start the economy via road- and water-system construction. Six year later, the Qualified Public Infrastructure Bond (QPIB) could pick up where the first stimulus package left off.

  • The trouble with tunnels

    Tunnel construction in Seattle and Columbus are at a standstill, while officials in Las Vegas are celebrating the completion of a 7-year project.

  • The greening of civil infrastructure

    Recycled industrial materials are increasingly finding their way into transportation infrastructure. This takes advantage of manufacturing byproducts and reduces the use of resources.

  • Public works partnership saves 3,500 jobs

    The U.S. Defense Department is cutting costs however it can. If your community is near an active military base, the public works department can protect the installation from "Base Realignment and Closure."

  • Bad design caused Bay Bridge troubles

    When approved in 1998, the San Francisco Bay Bridge was the largest self-anchored suspension span. Public engineers who warned the design would be a nightmare were outvoted by a panel of "experts."

  • VIDEO: What all bad bosses have in common

    Investor Barbara Corcoran, of the TV show "Shark Tank," explains how to drain employees of the energy and excitement necessary to solve problems. (It's hurting your productivity, too.)

  • Coming soon to a city near you: road design

    This is a list of dates and locations for Greenroads training through April. This sustainability rating system applies to both new and rehabilitated asphalt and concrete pavement.

  • States, cities to issue $357B for public works projects

    "We've put off maintenance for years," says the commissioner of Atlanta's Public Works Department of the $250 million the city's spending on roads, bridges, and other projects in 2015. Now, after years of budget balancing, it appears government coffers are opening once again.

  • Stormwater fees may have influenced governor race

    Maryland's governor-elect wants to repeal a law that funds stormwater improvements, but how utilities are going to pay for them without it remains to be seen.

  • World's largest dump truck

    This behemoth hauls almost 500 tons. Buy one of these and use it as a single snow-storage yard!