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  • Sweep Action Material Bucket from Worksaver

    Worksaver, Inc. introduces the new Sweep Action Material Bucket (SAMB) for cleaning large properties and construction sites.

  • Surf's up! (4 miles inland)

    Austin's NLand Surf Park will be housed in a man-made lagoon, where waves replenished by rainwater will crest at 1, 4, and 6 feet. The entire project's expected to take eight months to complete.

  • $1.6 billion: EPA's largest-ever Clean Water Act loan

    To protect the Sacramento River and San Francisco Bay Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary, a California wastewater treatment plant will be upgraded to remove virtually all ammonia. The $2 billion is expected to take eight years.

  • Wet wipes maker must prove products are 'flushable'

    The Federal Trade Commission is requiring Nice-Pak Products Inc. to stop advertising moist toilet tissue as flushable unless the company substantiates that the product disperses in a “sufficiently short amount of time.” This is at least the second legal challenge regarding a major source of...

  • State, local DOTs to study congestion pricing

    FHWA is giving five government entities $3 million to evaluate “cordon pricing,” currently used in London and Singapore, and an insurance program that charges users according to mileage driven instead of a flat rate. See who the grant recipients are here.

  • 3M acquires Capital Safety

    Apollo Safety, Inc. a veteran-owned company specializing in safety products and services, weighs in on how 3M acquisition of Capital Safety Product reflects trends in safety.

  • Report: Construction disputes take longer, cost less

    The most common causes in North America are contract document errors and/or omissions, differing site conditions, and communication failures (probably caused by the first reason).

  • EPA fixes water pollution program after 25 years

    Gasoline and diesel is stored in tanks and conveyed via pipelines buried under the busy forecourts of convenience stores and fuel stations. As any water or sewer manager knows, those assets often leak. When they do, they poison one of the nation’s largest sources of drinking water.

  • Bigfoot asset management solution from SmartWare Group

    Software enables users to proactively maintain pumps, chemical dispensers, trucks, plows, and all other public works assets and equipment.

  • Large-diameter CNG cylinder from Worthington

    An aluminum liner enables tank to hold 15% to 25% more fuel, which means solid waste collection routes can be extended.