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  • Penetron awards sustainable engineering project competition finalists

    The three extraordinary projects provide clean water access to remote rural villages in East Africa and Central America.

  • Manhole covers are a breeze to lift and separate

    This lightweight tool lets a single crew member safely move 500 pounds of cast iron and other heavy metal.

  • Town chooses firm for water treatment expansion

    Pumping capacity will increase from 40 mgd to 56 mgd to meet needs of growing population.

  • Hosting online surveys and polls

    By leveraging online survey tools, public works departments can quickly and efficiently collect feedback from both citizens and employees.

  • Visualizing your design

    Just as public outreach becomes even more important and necessary in public works, we are fortunately seeing the launch of new tools to help us become more successful in our efforts. Social media has improved communication by allowing us to deliver our messages quicker and more efficiently with...

  • Instagram and Snapshot

    Instagram and Snapchat are gaining enough in popularity and users that public agencies are considering getting accounts. Let’s explore each of these tools to help you decide if their use would be relevant for your agency.

  • Tell us what you like

    What should we be doing differently or better to make the magazine experience better for you?

  • Trendsetter: Leonard Phillips

    Leonard Phillips' Online Seminars for Municipal Arborists website is almost eight years old and is still free.