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  • Have We Finally Achieved Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring?

    That’s what I asked every exhibitor and attendee I talked to at the American Water Works Association’s annual trade show and conference last week in Chicago. Short answer: yes, but.

  • Wanna Walk the Potable Show Floor With Me?

    The American Water Works Association brings its annual convention to Chicago Sun., June 19, through Wed., June 22. I’m going to be there Monday and Tuesday. Anyone want to join me?

  • Not-so-Happy Drinking Water Week?

    President Reagan signed the first National Drinking Water Week proclamation in 1988. Only one president since then has signed a similar declaration. How should water utilities interpret that?

  • This is America’s Oldest Concrete Street

    The public works department in a small Ohio town is having a very busy week. The caretakers of the nation’s first “artificial stone” street are hosting concrete enthusiasts eager to celebrate a public asset installed 17 years after Custer’s last stand.

  • Sign language for children

    Efforts assure disabled children that they have value and are not forgotten. And people from all walks of life work toward a common goal that benefits the whole community.

  • Tennessee and other southern states attracting retirees

    Nashville is growing so fast, it's in serious danger of a real estate bubble.

  • Thin Is In in More Ways Than One

    As you read this, I'm at World of Asphalt in Nashville. A lot of educational sessions teach contractors how to help public customers (that's you) squeeze as much life as possible out of pavement. But I'm confused, and wonder if you have an answer.

  • Shared use paths

    The phrase “shared use path” can be confusing. Language straight from the guidelines may help.

  • Scapegoat time in Flint

    Drinking water regulations are boring and difficult. It's easy to assume authorities are doing the right thing, but irresponsible.

  • Just When I Thought Flying Couldn’t Get Scarier

    As I planned my travel from Chicago to Nashville for World of Asphalt, I came across a website that made my hair stand on end. If you work at an airport, you probably know about the Federal Aviation Administration’s Wildlife Hazard Mitigation program. But I had no idea the danger that critters...