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  • Digitizing the Urban Landscape

    Use technology to make hard decisions about where infrastructure investment will garner the greatest return.

  • Spending priorities

    Spending is increasing more on amusement parts and sports facilities than on public works. What's wrong with us?!

  • Pinch Me, ‘Cause I Must Be Dreaming

    Last week, after 10 years and $65 billion in U.S. Treasury transfers to the Highway Trust Fund, President Obama signed multiyear surface transportation legislation. While significant, the five-year, $305-billion funding package still doesn’t address the fundamental problem with how we as a nation...

  • Workplace accommodations

    A workplace doesn’t have to accommodate every single potential contingency. Sometimes employer and employee must meet halfway.

  • Celebrate unsung heroism

    The holidays are a time when public works brings the community together.

  • 10 Eye-Catching Public Works Products

    I love checking out products at the American Public Works Association's annual convention. This year's show was in Phoenix, but neither 110-degree heat nor the city's worst storm in 39 years dimmed my enthusiasm.

  • Sidewalk widths

    Can someone narrow a 60-inch sidewalk to 32 inches for 2 feet and then widen it to 3 feet?

  • Public works' obscurity

    No one really understands what public works does, much less the pride employees take in providing an enjoyable and safe environment in which to live and work.

  • Question: Do wheelchair users prefer a 45-degree angle or more of a sweeping curve when making a turn?

    Answer: I want to make it clear that my answer is opinion, not regulation. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not have a requirement for either design.

  • Which is the Better Use of Taxpayer Dollars?

    It’s the time of year when we ask public works departments when and why they retain consultants vs. performing work themselves. After all, many men and women who staff our nation’s road, water, and waste agencies have the advanced degrees and technical knowledge required to design, engineer, and...