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  • 5 principles for ‘post-industrial’ public works

    A City College of New York architecture professor says architects, engineers, urban planners, and public officials need to think at the systems level to most effectively revamp the nation's outdated infrastructure.

  • Detroit solves streetlighting problem

    Nearly one-third of the city’s street lights are broken. To save money while also ensuring public safety, the Detroit Public Lighting Authority has completed a pilot LED streetlighting program and is moving forward with another 5,000 installations.

  • Help wanted: where the public works jobs are

    A Brookings Institution report shows that those at the lower-paying end of the infrastructure workforce tend to earn more than those at the bottom of other fields, and projects huge growth in occupations like plumbing and renewable energy installers and techs.

  • A modern-day 'China Syndrome'?

    Not quite. But China does want to build an underground, high-speed rail crossing to the U.S. A trip on the 13,000-kilometer "China-Russia-Canada-America" line would take two full days at 220 mph.

  • Cities and states are hiring again

    Half the respondents to a Center for State and Local Government Excellence survey hired more people last year than they did in 2012, but the same percentage also reports that more employees are retiring.

  • First U.S. electro-magnetic suspension rail line

    American Maglev Technology proposed financing and building the 13.8-mile, $300 million system between Orlando International Airport and the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center in 2012. The company was the Florida DOT's only bidder.

  • Red-light camera program manager arrested

    The employee who ran Chicago's red-light camera program has been arrested on federal charges related to the investigation of an alleged $2 million bribery scheme involving the city's longtime vendor, Redflex Traffic Systems.

  • Do you work in a solar city?

    Since 2002, the U.S. has increased its installed solar photovolatic capacity by a factor of 200. Which cities are leading the way?

  • Hawaii spends $117M on project oversight

    The Honolulu Rapid Transit Authority has awarded two major contracts worth a total of $117.2 million to oversee construction of the city's $5.16 billion rail transit project.

  • State emergency agency reselects grant partner

    Mississippi's had 21 major disaster declarations since the year 2000. Since then, this firm has helped obtain $3 billion in FEMA Public Assistance grants for debris removal and other restoration.