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  • A Winning Concrete Pavement Combination

    Precast concrete has been used to repair roads since 2001. In Chicago, precast and ultra high performance concrete were used together to reduce construction time and increase durability for a pedestrian bridge.

  • FREE: Improving Service in the Digital Age

    This free International City/County Management Association download uses the actual experience of cities and counties to share best practices in developing and deploying 311 systems.

  • State DOT Chooses Maintenance Over New Construction

    Caltrans is fighting traffic congestion with "induced travel." Adding roadway capacity only encourages more people to drive, so the agency's investing instead in multi-modal transportation options.

  • Multiple Sewer Overflows Draw Criticism

    This reporter is irritated that Dallas Water Utilities didn't explain earlier how five, 100,000-gallon overflows affected drinking water. But as our article earlier this year notes, it can be difficult to know when to pull the trigger on public notification.

  • Construction on City's Unique 'Land Bridges' Begins

    The George Kaiser Family Foundation is spending $350 million on a park along the Arkansas River in downtown Tulsa, Okla. Ultimately, motorists will drive through tunnels topped with lush plantings.

  • State Gets $28 Million for High-Speed Rail

    Not to be confused with the 760 mph Hyperloop, maglev trains are almost (but not quite) as fast. Maryland just received seed money for a possible corridor between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

  • Modelling Public Transport in the Era of Intelligent Transport Systems

    A new textbook explains for the first time how the effect of Intelligent Transport Systems technologies on passenger behavior in public transport can be modelled

  • Rampart Vehicle Barrier System Controls Wins Homeland Security Award

    CINCH systems, Inc. is proud to announce that Government Security News Magazine has released the award winners for their 2015 Homeland Security Awards and the Rampart Vehicle Barrier System Control (VBS) received an award in the category of Best Crash Barrier—Barriers/Gates/Fences.

  • Check Out This Engineer's 'Virtual Watershed' (with video)

    Now you, too, can build an interactive tool to teach the public about stormwater. Civil engineering professor Shane Rogers provides instructions (but not the funding).

  • Seeking Innovative Public Concrete Projects!

    We're looking for candidates for our third annual Triad Award. If your public agency has delivered a project that should be recognized for innovative design and construction, let us know by Friday. (Here are 2014's and 2015's winners.)