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  • Flexible Engineering Design for Infrastructure Projects

    For nearly 50 years, Richard de Neufville has been working on ways to plan, analyze and design complex engineering systems. A civil engineer by background, de Neufville's latest research focuses on a major paradigm shift in engineering in general.

  • The Real Reason American Public Transportation Is Such a Disaster

    Canada has twice as much transit as the US. Why?

  • FREE bridge design standards download

    Use this National Steel Bridge Alliance publication to mitigate risk in using preliminary designs for schedule, initial cost, and cost growth estimates.

  • Cities disinfect drinking water with UV Rays

    Often used in conjunction with chlorine to deactivate chlorine-resistant pathogens like cryptosporidium, ultraviolet light destroys a microorganism's DNA.

  • The worst roads in the nation

    The U.S. DOT lays blame for the sad state of roads and bridges firmly at the feet of Congress. This chart uses the agency's information to rate each state's transportation assets based on three criteria.

  • Is there no solution to this state's drought?

    As Colorado continues to grow, water utilities say conserving existing sources isn't enough to meet future demand. Those who support river diversion are squaring off against those who believe in "frugality and reuse."

  • Rough Roads Cost Car Owners $1,044 a Year

    That's the figure for San Francisco, which according to The Road Improvement Project has the nation's worst pavement. As travel returns to pre-recession rates, road conditions are expected to decline further without additional funding from all government levels.

  • Robot scouts utility's water lines for leaks

    Warning, Will Robinson! Louisville Water Co. is spending almost $2 million on a new tool that will (hopefully) enable crews to fix troubled mains before they burst.

  • Worker Shortages Delay Public Projects

    Good help is harder than ever to find in areas of the country where the Great Recession's a distant memory. The result: construction delays. A road project in Texas, for example, is at least a year behind schedule.

  • NJPA Awards 5 Year Contract to Mohawk Lifts

    The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) recently re-awarded Mohawk Lifts a nationwide 5 year contract to supply government agencies across the U.S. with Mohawk vehicle lifts.