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  • VIDEO: The new Tappan Zee Bridge part 1–the design

    Here's a closer look at the engineering behind the $3.9 billion Tappan Zee Bridge replacement project between New York's Rockland and Westchester counties.

  • Opinion: Okla. city got it right

    Moore, Okla., became the first city to implement tornado-specific building standards after the fifth twister in 15 years ripped through town. Click here to read how public works leaders stay a step ahead of deadly storms.

  • Detroit shuts off water to 8,000 people

    With 50% of accounts overdue, the Detroit Water and Sewage Department is under fire from civil rights groups for distinguishing customers who can't pay their bill from those who won't.

  • Sen. to EPA, USDA: regulate toxic algae

    New York Sen. Charles Schumer wants to keep cyanobacteria forming on the Ohio side of Lake Erie from reaching his constituents on the other side of the lake.

  • Proposals for $1M in bridge contracts due July 15

    Canada's Department of Public Works and Government Services is seeking intelligent transportation and tolling services for the contentious Detroit River bridge. Click here to learn who doesn't want the bridge built, and why.

  • Highway Trust Fund woes: the word on the street

    As lawmakers scramble to come up with a solution that will prevent the Highway Trust Fund from going broke next month, officials, experts, and pundits have been weighing in on social media. Here's a look at the latest comments.

  • Paint Detects Damage in Concrete Structures

    Electrically conductive paint detects and reports damage in bridges and other concrete structures, allowing authorities to respond to problems before they become serious. Researchers call it "sensing skin" and say anybody can apply the coating.

  • Complete 30 hours continuing education at your desk

    The 11,000 drinking water professionals at the American Water Works Association convention in Boston earned 4,500 continuing education units and/or professional development hours. Couldn’t go? No sweat: You can still earn credits.

  • All about emergency-management careers

    Free guides to public service and safety careers include salary information, a school search tool, internships, scholarships, and related information.

  • Pipe-tapping teams beat the clock (video)

    Every year, winning men and women's teams from American Water Works Association state chapters travel to the association's annual conference to see who can tap into a cement-lined ductile iron pipe the fastest. Here are the latest additions to the Pipe Tapping Hall of Fame.