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  • OSHA Issues Temporary Enforcement of Confined Spaces Standard

    The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced a 60-day temporary enforcement policy of its Confined Spaces in Construction standard, effective Aug. 3.

  • Hilti Celebrates Grand Opening of Texas locations

    Hilti is proud to be calling Texas home for more than 250 team members. To celebrate, Hilti held grand openings at their Hilti Western Hemisphere Product Development and Tool Service Center and North America Corporate Headquarters on Thursday, June 18.

  • Joint venture to tackle $1B bridge replacement

    Also known as the Potomac River Bridge, the Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge's two lanes are only 11 feet wide each with no shoulder. To alleviate congestion and enhance safety, the Maryland Transportation Authority is replacing the continuous truss structure.

  • Public utility busts actor Tom Selleck for stealing water

    The Calleguas Municipal Water District in drought-stricken California paid a private investigator $20,000 to prove the "Magnum, P.I." and "Blue Bloods" television star has been watering his 60-acre ranch by (illegally) tapping into a local fire hydrant.

  • The greatest engineering feat you've never heard of

    Before Columbus discovered the New World, South American engineers built a 4,000-mile mountainous roadway without a single arch. Portions of the Capac Ñan network, which runs from Columbia to Chile, are still used.

  • An overnight engineering success after 84 years

    Fred Ogden says his team's new model for predicting groundwater movement is more reliable and less complex than Lorenzo Richards' famous 1931 equation.

  • Body found In remote pump station

    Here's why you might want to think about doing maintenance check-ups more than twice a year.

  • Maybe they should've flushed 'em down the toilet instead

    Canadians release unwanted goldfish in local waterways, where the invasive species has no natural predators and the former pets grow to gigantic proportions.

  • FREE demo of new pipe-cleaning tool

    Precision jet cutting uses 29,000 psi of water pressure to blast away fats, oils, greases, sand, sludge, tree roots, and even concrete. Demonstrations are free but public works departments need to register at or

  • 3M acquires Capital Safety

    Apollo Safety, Inc. a veteran-owned company specializing in safety products and services, weighs in on how 3M acquisition of Capital Safety Product reflects trends in safety.