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  • Project Coordination Office saves city $40M on ROW work

    A Chicago DOT program that brings together stakeholders working in the right of way is lowering the volume of resident complaints.

  • Master plan RFQ deadline is March 3

    San Antonio is seeking a Statement of Qualifications from firms nationwide to prepare a master plan for “The Alamo” in the city’s central business district.

  • Grant deadline: Fri., Feb. 27

    Keep America Beautiful expects to give away 3,500 recycling bins this year to organizations including public works departments through an annual program sponsored by The Coca-Cola Co.

  • What we learned in Vegas about public works

    Last week's World of Concrete featured a host of public works-focused exhibitors, and some important education. We're bringing it all to you, right here.

  • Better markings = safer roads

    A new ASTM standard focuses on the performance rather than properties of pavement paint. The language is the basis for a future standard that will cover all types of traffic marking materials, not just thermoplastics.

  • The greening of civil infrastructure

    Recycled industrial materials are increasingly finding their way into transportation infrastructure. This takes advantage of manufacturing byproducts and reduces the use of resources.

  • Union membership at all-time low

    In 1983, 20% of workers belonged to a union; today, one in 10 do. But ALL of the decline is in the private sector. Public-sector unions have grown.

  • Full speed ahead on Obama energy plans

    Freed from the need to campaign for re-election, the president is pushing initiatives that could affect public works departments nationwide.

  • Free concrete pavement training

    The American Concrete Pavement Association has launched two online courses and a Wikipedia-like website covering anything and everything related to concrete pavement.

  • Hanson Pipe & Precast to Manufacture, Sell City Drains in Florida

    Precast concrete City Drains provide streamlined drainage and fast installation for a range of hard-surface applications.