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  • Not-so-complete streets

    In the struggle to accommodate vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and public transit, cities end up with too much or too little parking. Here's how to avoid that.

  • Best management policies for CGR

    How concrete grinding residue is managed varies across the country. It can be spread along adjacent slopes as the operation moves down the road. In some rural areas and areas with closed drainage systems, it's collected and hauled to a landfill.

  • Mitigating arc flash incidents at water and wastewater facilities

    Electrical hazards cause more than 4,000 injuries and 300 deaths in the workplace every year.

  • Cold-weather sewer correction

    Gray water had backed up into residential basements and heavy rain. The repair had to be made in the middle of winter.

  • Ram Trucks Announces New Engines

    In an effort to increase its presence in the work truck market, Chrysler's Ram Commercial Truck Division introduced two new engines for its pickup and chassis cab lines and a new full sized van with its own diesel engine.

  • Automatic Pool Cleaners: A Seller's Guide

    Retailers emphasize service to compete against the Web

  • Atomized Mist used for Dust Control

    Atomized mist blankets dust during San Francisco Bay Parkway project.

  • APWA's 2013 Top 10 Public Works Leaders

    Profiles of the American Public Works Association's 2013 award recipients.

  • 3 tips for specifying a horizontal drum mulcher

    With the right cutting teeth and drive system, they can be pushed or pulled behind a tractor to mulch thick grass, brush, and trees up to 10 inches in diameter.

  • Car-sharing saves city $100,000 a year.

    Fleet managers are stretching their dollars by starting motor pools, in which a certain number of vehicles is made available for employees to reserve as needed.