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  • Tinted road salt could mean happier residents

    From visibility to efficacy, municipalities opt for salt additives to improve winter road treatments.

  • Alternative fuel tank saves money

    Lower emissions and cost savings of alternative fuels are intriguing, but those benefits must be balanced with the need for day-to-day operational efficiency. A new propane autogas fuel tank helps public fleets achieve both.

  • Public Works 2016 Salary Survey: As good as it gets?

    Public works professionals are finally receiving raises. Yet many say the increases don’t make up for paychecks weakened by multiyear salary freezes and rising benefits costs.

  • Winning over co-workers and the public

    Public works is one of the few careers that requires emotional intelligence as well as technical expertise. Six young professionals and a veteran explain how to win over coworkers and the public.

  • Dump trucks safely evacuate material in beds

    An Illinois township is getting work done faster with less harm to workers and plow trucks with dump beds that unload every last scrap of material.

  • Simple valve keeps odors away

    An inline backflow valve keeps sewer gas from ruining a multimillion dollar downtown revitalization in Decatur, Ill.

  • Budgeting and funding public tree programs

    How to quantify the contribution a community’s living assets makes to public health and safety.

  • Trenchless Construction in Las Vegas

    A sewer district uses two trenchless methods to minimize disruption during construction of a very challenging new interceptor alignment. The project is the nation's largest concentration of trenchless-installed pipelines in more than a decade.

  • Asset data illuminates the road to recovery

    In 2005, hurricanes devastated Louisiana’s roads. Armed with a quality-driven approach to asset management, engineers used recovery efforts to meet federal reporting requirements.

  • Managing the vehicle technology explosion

    Finding the right telematics partner is like hiring contractors with their own tools and equipment. Here’s how to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.