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  • Heavy Hitters

    With improvements in hybrid technology and higher-than-average gas prices, the greatest potential for fuel savings may be in Class 3 through 5 vehicles. As is any vehicle using a power take-off (PTO), they're well suited for hybrid technology.

  • A great American show

  • That which Gets Measured, Gets Managed

    An automated fuel dispensing system enables Madison, Wis., to better maintain virtually all of its 1100 vehicles.

  • Keep the Pressure On

    No one can guarantee your vehicles will never have a flat, but if your shop maintains proper tire pressure you'll minimize the possibility of catastrophic tire failure.

  • Clear Vision

    Visibility is vital to safe driving. About 90% of the input we use to make driving decisions comes through our eyes. If vision is diminished, so is advance warning of potentially dangerous situations.

  • To Reconstruct an Accident

  • Oily Decisions

    For the first time in memory, two grades of oil for diesel engines are on the market. Should you purchase the older CI-4 Plus, the newer CJ-4 for engines with 2007 emissions controls, or stock both?

  • Codes & Funding

    New (and improved) alternative-fuel rules; "distressed areas eligible for monies

  • Hybrids steal the show

  • Chemical warfare

    Equipment operating on highways and streets that have been treated with deicing chemicals is susceptible to rust and corrosion as never before.