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  • Four challenges, four solutions

    As promised last week, how readers in various EPA regions plan to meet their community's unique public works challenges this year.

  • ‘Bridgegate’: Something sounds fishy to me!

    Although it’s probably not what you think. Most reports of the traffic jam heard ‘round the nation say lanes were closed for a “traffic study.” That doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Well, isn’t this a great start to a new year?!

    It’s warmer in Antarctica than it is here in Chicago right now. With many businesses and schools closed, folks are hunkering down by the fire at home. But not local road crews.

  • 5 out of 10 public works departments chosen!

    That means we need five more candidates. For what, you ask? For a profile in our January issue.

  • Public (works) Enemy No. 1

    Surprisingly (at least to me), it’s not stormwater. According to preliminary Public Works survey results, readers expect pavement construction and maintenance (i.e., streets and roads) to be their department’s greatest challenge next year.

  • Happy 40th birthday, World of Concrete!

    And (at least) five reasons to head for Las Vegas in January (in case you need any.)

  • What did YOU do on your summer ‘vacation’?

    It’s back to school for students nationwide, but (construction) season’s still in full swing for public works departments, contractors, and vendors.

  • Is outsourcing worth the risk?

    The federal government’s a big believer in outsourcing services to cut employee-related overhead. But as the National Security Agency discovered, farming out a particular function doesn't just save money. It can also make a government agency extremely vulnerable. What's your experience with...

  • The great road-repair disconnect

    What products are you trying out in your never-ending quest to provide drivable roads?

  • ADA Corner: Defining reasonable accommodations

    There is a tiny but very important difference between original and updated reasonable accommodations requirements.