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  • Demanding a better way

  • Crude crud creates a craze

    Kids are fascinated by gross things; they also dig learning how stuff works. Combining the two, San Diego created an ingenious program to teach youngsters all about the gross and groovy world of sewers.

  • Walking the line

    Many public agencies have created effective procedures to curb new encroachments onto rights of way. But there remains a larger issue: What to do about existing encroachments that may have been in violation for years, or even decades?

  • ESRI maps out annual conference

    The 26th annual Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) International User Conference will be held Aug. 7-11 in San Diego.

  • San Diego dedicates new reservoir

  • A quick scan

    Douglas Kuypers is a one-man laser-scanning team. In an ongoing project to develop maintenance plan data for the San Diego International Airport, Kuypers, with the Denver office of Woolpert Inc., used 3-D laser scanning to capture this data in the airport's Terminal 1. Using laser scanning slashed...

  • Budget woes halt san diego water, sewer plans

    San Diego can't start construction on more than $334 million in water and sewer capital projects scheduled for this year until it resolves the financial crisis that has crippled its borrowing ability.

  • Policing stormwater runoff

    For the city of San Diego to clear the way for a new library downtown, the obsolete Police Vehicle Maintenance Facility had to be relocated. Land was available adjacent to the San Diego Police Pistol Range, but accommodating the maintenance facility required relocating the K-9/SWAT facility and...

  • PUBLIC WORKS BRIEFS December 2005

  • Recycling awareness campaign lands award

    The Solid Waste Association of North America awarded the city of San Diego's Environmental Services Department (ESD) the 2005 Bronze Excellence Award in marketing for the department's "Recycle Or Else" education campaign.