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  • To Err is Human

    What to make of the news that the Aug. 1 collapse of the bridge carrying I-35 over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis was due to human error?

  • What's it worth?

    Until 13 people were killed in the Minneapolis bridge collapse, the average citizen didn't think twice about roads or bridges except to complain about the occasional pothole or decry proposed fuel tax increases.

  • Minnesota senator goes dumpster diving

    Members of Congress are always getting accused of trashy behavior. One senator recently took the concept to another level.

  • Let it rain

    Faced with increasing requirements and costs related to stormwater management, a growing number of public works departments are turning to rain gardens to manage runoff. Whether built and maintained by governments or individuals, rain gardens offer a relatively inexpensive and proven means for...

  • Biting back

    Winter and early spring are ideal times to evaluate past mosquito control efforts, or to develop or fine-tune a program. Mosquitoes ruin outdoor activities and chase away potential revenue; they also carry life-threatening diseases.