More stories about Iowa City, IA

  • Marine masters

    Water and wastewater managers negotiate underwater engineering services to extend asset life, avert regulatory violations, and increase operational efficiency.

  • GASB 34 requirements

    Benefits of the modified approach

  • Hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles

  • Hybrid and alternative-fuel vehicles

  • Herbicide super glue

    How invert emulsion works.

  • Tricked-out rides

    Personalization is functional as well as fun.

  • Iowa City Uses Firetruck for Sewer Work

  • Chasing the Crest

    Three years on, New Orleans still makes headlines for the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Katrina, which caused about $400 million in infrastructure damage. Yet 1,000 miles north, on the usually quiet banks of the Cedar River in the usually quiet city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, summer floods are racking up...

  • No big deal

    When an event brings more people into a small town than the normal population, the public works department has to be ready. Water, wastewater, trash, roads, parks—all are impacted far beyond their originally intended capacity. Here's how two towns reacted.

  • Restoration transformation

    PUBLIC WORKS takes a close look at Iowa City's concrete pavement restoration (CPR) efforts, a finds them to be lasting and effective.