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  • Using ozone for water treatment is an increasingly attractive complement to other processes.

    Although it's been used in water treatment for more than a century, ozone is becoming an increasingly attractive option for drinking water systems nationwide.

  • Oregon utility taps R.W. Beck

  • Top Leaders

    PUBLIC WORKS highlights the APWA Top Ten Public Works Leaders.

  • Finding help from the feds

    Local public works officials and federal bureaucrats often find themselves partners and adversaries at the same time. Bridging those gaps requires a relentless focus on open communications.

  • Taking a diversion

    There are ways to reduce the amount of waste that goes into a landfill. And with the number of landfills decreasing, public works directors should be looking for ways to decrease the amount of solid waste that goes into these landfills. One way is to divert waste into other streams.

  • The budget face-off

    It's a plight shared by many. Fuel costs have shot up, but tax revenues are the same or down. You're asked to “hold the line” on costs.