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  • Woolpert to provide aerial mapping for West Virginia

    Woolpert has been awarded a one-year contract with the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways to provide on-call aerial photography and mapping services to support the design of roadway and bridge projects.

  • Show off your water tank! All styles eligible!

    You've got until Oct. 1 to submit a new construction or renovation project for Tnemec’s ninth annual Tank of the Year competition. Any project's eligible as long as it's completed by the deadline date.

  • City's betting its economic rebirth on water

    Like many Midwest cities, Dayton, Ohio, lost thousands of jobs tied to water-intensive manufacturing like mills and breweries. Water Supply & Treatment Manager Phil Van Atta and Water Marketer Karen Thomas explain how the city's self-filtering, self-recharging water supply is going to put Dayton...

  • Justifying your winter ops budget

    Ohio DOT’s data-based system evaluates snow and ice control.

  • Continent's largest UV post-GAC project

  • Truth in stormwater billing

    Columbus, Ohio, combines 3D LiDAR with 2D orthophotography to produce the most accurate measurement of impervious surfaces.

  • Dayton, Ohio, to begin transportation study

  • Bringing on new plant

    Ask anyone who's created a new water treatment plant or revamped an existing one, and you'll likely hear about the complexities. What the Earth Tech team has learned about designing in quality for this new operation may help your city succeed.

  • Managing your PM program— cost-effectively

    To make preventive maintenance (PM) cost effective, you need to strike a balance. Service intervals should be short enough to catch problems and prevent breakdowns, but if you can stretch out service intervals, you may save some money.