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  • 50-year-old plant gets $14 million overhaul

    In keeping with the state’s nutrient-reduction strategy, the upgrade positions the wastewater treatment facility for additional, future improvements to reduce discharges without breaking the bank.

  • Five resource/ cost-recovery trends

    For communities that already have stormwater utilities, the next challenge is ensuring customers pay their fair share.

  • Flood remediation earns national award

  • Stormwater user fees come up short

    Black & Veatch's 2010 Stormwater Utility Survey finds that only one-third of utilities dealing with combined sewer overflows recover mitigation costs in their user fees.

  • Chasing the Crest

    Three years on, New Orleans still makes headlines for the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Katrina, which caused about $400 million in infrastructure damage. Yet 1,000 miles north, on the usually quiet banks of the Cedar River in the usually quiet city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, summer floods are racking up...

  • Iowa Comes Up for Air