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  • Making waves

    Whitewater parks bring a steady stream of visitors — and cash — to downtown areas.

  • To cut or not to cut?

    Determining the most feasible option for burying stormwater pipelines.

  • Public Works Getaways

    Still planning your next family vacation? Five fun and educational destinations that may even help the youngsters appreciate the work you do.

  • March 2009 Upfront News & Views

  • Smart Water

    Las Vegas is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities, but it's in the middle of the desert. Here's what the city is doing to make sure there's enough water to go around.

  • Top-notch team effort

    A tiny water district in Colorado opts for design-build on a Class 1 dam, saving a million dollars and a year on construction, and earning kudos from the U.S. Society on Dams.

  • Curb appeal

    Discover the beauty and benefits of decorative pavement. By taking a decorative approach, cities do more than dress themselves up. They increase the visibility and awareness of crosswalks and bike paths, calm traffic without creating an eyesore, and revitalize neighborhoods and business districts...

  • Hustle and flow

    One example of effective traffic management comes from a high-profile project running through the heart of Boulder, Colo. The $8.9 million Broadway Street and Bridge Reconstruction Project involved total reconstruction of a four-lane arterial that carries 30,000 vehicles per day.