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  • Infrastructure then and now

    From Roman roads to the Panama Canal through the New Deal programs of the 1930s, infrastructure has, and always will, define great civilizations.

  • It’s down to the wire for 25 public works projects

    The North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum has narrowed a list of 400 projects worth $370 billion to these contenders for 2014 Project of the Year. Last year’s was the New Bridge for the St. Lawrence Corridor.

  • Web Extras August 2012

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  • Power to the pupils

    Florida student engineers help design the nation's first LEED Gold-certified water treatment facility.

  • Letters to the editor May 2011

  • Florida city cuts $20,000 from budget

  • On the rebound

    A Florida beach town revitalizes its central business district.

  • Bridging the gap

    The Pleasantville toll plaza near Atlantic City, N.J., spans 13 lanes of traffic, including four high-speed Express EZ-Pass lanes. With the toll plaza administration and parking area on one side of the expressway, it was unsafe for toll workers to cross without traffic-disrupting lane closures.