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  • June Article Links 2009

    Extra content for the June issue of PUBLIC WORKS magazine

  • Trimming Travel Time

    Breaking the grip of gridlock in the nation's ninth-largest metropolitan area.

  • May PW Article Links 2009

  • SCS to build gas recovery system at Georgia landfill

  • Common Cause

    For four decades, graffitists (also called taggers, depending on what they're creating and the motive behind it) have used infrastructure as the canvas for showcasing their talents. It's art, they say; but the public calls it vandalism, and charges public works with managing the cycle of removal...

  • Getting beyond 'lowest-bid'

  • Security Risk

  • Loud and Clear

    Frequent battery replacements, missed calls, and garbled messages meant just one thing to Albert Brunson, head of public building equipment maintenance for Cumberland County, N.C.: time to update his mobile communications system.

  • Water Supply

    How bad was the drought that plagued much of the U.S. last year? According to Georgia's Gov. Sonny Perdue, it couldn't have been much worse.

  • Public, Private Utilities in Eight States Form Mutual-Aid Network

    . To ensure residents get drinking water and wastewater continues to be treated, utilities in California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas have agreed to share employees, resources, and equipment during emergencies