Other stories by Victoria K. Sicaras

  • Storm index predicts ice damage

    Oklahoma agencies categorize winter events like tornadoes or hurricanes.

  • Don't fear the audit

    A small town uses Washington's focus on sustainability to access almost half a million in stimulus funding.

  • Community builder

    A county park unites residents of disparate housing developments.

  • Keeping green in the black

    Nontraditional sources of labor make recycling possible.

  • 2010 salary survey: The big chill

    Wages may be frozen, but the public sector is still perceived as providing better benefits than the private sector.

  • ASSE moves into utilities

    The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) recently formed a practice specialty branch to satisfy growth and interest in utilities and agriculture workplace safety.

  • Surviving the funding gap

    Green is becoming more important than ever, while budgets are continuing to shrink.

  • Caught in the middle

    EPA's GHG monitoring rule is estimated to cost landfills $5,000 this year, but managers could make money under the House's proposed cap-and-trade program.

  • $50 conference for project owners

    Virginia DOT, New York City Transit, and Massport are already signed up to share plans and priorities with potential construction managers at a new, low-cost conference May 2 - 4 in Atlanta.

  • Tricked-out rides

    Personalization is functional as well as fun.