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  • 2014 Outlook: Mount Laurel, N.J.

    The township is stepping up its asset management program and has tied it to a 10-year fiscal planning model.

  • 2014 Outlook: Annapolis, Md.

    City is hiring contract employees and consultants to help manage its capital program. This was never required in the past.

  • 2014 Outlook: Charlotte, N.C.

    The city's Landscape Management Division is leveraging equipment, products, processes, and technology to improve service.

  • 2014 Outlook: Waterford Township, Mich.

    By the end of 2014, all residential meters will be read utililzing a radio-read fixed-base network, eliminating the need to read meters in the field.

  • 2014 Outlook: Albuquerque, N.M.

    Rather than float another add-on to the sales tax, we asked the county commissioners to require that franchises be renewed and commit the revenues to street rehab and preservation.

  • 2014 Outlook: Ogden City, Utah

    The city will replace its 13.5 mgd bed filter treatment plant built in 1956 and connect it to a new transmission line.

  • 2014 Outlook: Vancouver, Wash.

    New emission limits will require more extensive and more expensive monitoring. Additional recording and training will also be required.

  • Bridge-jacking technique is used on public works project

    The Illinois Tollway replaced structural bearings and patched concrete without impeding traffic on a busy suburban Chicago bridge, thanks to a solution devised by engineering firm Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Inc., Northbrook, Ill.

  • Public Works department shows the value in mission statements

    The city of Chesapeake, Va., public works department formulated department values printed on cards to instill a sense of pride and ownership among its employees.

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