Other stories by Stephanie%20Johnston

  • Imagine restoring this fountain!

    Several years ago, my lovely suburban Chicago village installed a fountain in the central business district. It’s wonderful. Every warm evening, people of all ages are sitting on the surrounding benches, listening to the tinkle of the water, and relaxing.

  • Keep those job descriptions coming!

    In March I offered to post help wanted announcements to the Public Works magazine website, Linked In group, and weekly e-newsletter. All for free.

  • Help wanted: Transportation Engineering Supervisor

    What recession?! With 55% growth since 2000, the Town of Cary is North Carolina’s seventh-largest city. Today, more than 150,000 people live within 55 square miles. Apply by May 2, 2015.

  • Calling all water, sewer professionals!

    How do you plan to improve utility operations over the coming year?

  • Help wanted: Engineering Technician, Community Development Department

    The City of McMinnville is Oregon’s wine capital, halfway between Portland and the Pacific Ocean, and kicks off its summer concerts July 7 with the Ben Rice Band. We can’t understand why this position’s still open after more than three months. Position open until filled.

  • Streetlights save money

    Wireless technology is turning streetlighting into extremely valuable public works real estate.

  • States, cities issuing $357 billion for public works projects

    "We've put off maintenance for years," says the commissioner of Atlanta's Public Works Department of the $250 million the city's spending on roads, bridges, and other projects. After years of budget balancing, government coffers are opening again.

  • Small town makes big impact

    For the first time in their history, Morristown, Vermont's highway road crew took on a road reconstruction project and saved taxpayers money by doing most of the work themselves.

  • Pros and cons of solar-powered streetlights

    Having led the LED charge, municipalities lower costs further by using the sun and/or wind to power streetlights.

  • Increasing health insurance costs

    Public sector employees are paying more for standard benefits like health and dental insurance.