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  • TODAY: Drinking Water Regulatory Update Webinar

    The American Water Works Association's annual federal regulatory overview addresses topics including fluoride levels, Waters of the U.S.rule, and the Clean Power Plan. The 1.5-hour webinar begins at 1 pm (Eastern).

  • 10 Eye-Catching Public Works Products

    I love checking out products at the American Public Works Association's annual convention. This year's show was in Phoenix, but neither 110-degree heat nor the city's worst storm in 39 years dimmed my enthusiasm.

  • At Last: Environmental Permitting Process is Overhauled

    This won't excite the average American, but it's welcome news for anyone who's struggled to deliver a major public works project. Making good on promises made in MAP-21, a new online tool consolidates environmental review and permitting for 11 agencies, including EPA, U.S. DOT, Department of...

  • Have inspectors gone rogue?

    Are general contractors afraid to say something for fear of retaliation?

  • Public works' obscurity

    No one really understands what public works does, much less the pride employees take in providing an enjoyable and safe environment in which to live and work.

  • Which is the Better Use of Taxpayer Dollars?

    It’s the time of year when we ask public works departments when and why they retain consultants vs. performing work themselves. After all, many men and women who staff our nation’s road, water, and waste agencies have the advanced degrees and technical knowledge required to design, engineer, and...

  • Geodatabase helps city get great PR

    Residents in Australia's second largest city are sending e-mails to their favorite trees.

  • Georgetown streetscape improvement

    Entities develop updated streetscape for upscale Washington, D.C. neighborhood.

  • Washington, D.C., suburb seeks civil engineer

    Here’s your chance to preserve the past while innovating the future as a Civil Engineer III (sanitary sewers). That’s the motto of Alexandria, Va., a historic community (settled in 1695) that’s now home to 140,000 people.

  • EPA fixes water pollution program after 25 years

    Gasoline and diesel is stored in tanks and conveyed via pipelines buried under the busy forecourts of convenience stores and fuel stations. As any water or sewer manager knows, those assets often leak. When they do, they poison one of the nation’s largest sources of drinking water.