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  • Public works outreach

    Blog on city's website features public works employees' photos and interviews.

  • Public works: the first line of defense

    I have a confession to make: I lifted the “first line” line from Municipal Water & Sewer’s editor. Luke Laggis was reminding readers that they’re health care workers. “’Sanitas’ is the Latin word for health,” he writes, quoting a World Health Organization adviser. “Maintaining the health of the...

  • There’s a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

    For those of you who aren’t county engineers experiencing the consequences daily, oil and gas drilling equipment is extremely hard on rural roads. Now, according to a fascinating New Yorker article, pavement (and other stuff) is being damaged by another energy-industry practice.

  • Imagine restoring this fountain!

    Several years ago, my lovely suburban Chicago village installed a fountain in the central business district. It’s wonderful. Every warm evening, people of all ages are sitting on the surrounding benches, listening to the tinkle of the water, and relaxing.

  • Keep those job descriptions coming!

    In March I offered to post help wanted announcements to the Public Works magazine website, Linked In group, and weekly e-newsletter. All for free.

  • Help wanted: Transportation Engineering Supervisor

    What recession?! With 55% growth since 2000, the Town of Cary is North Carolina’s seventh-largest city. Today, more than 150,000 people live within 55 square miles. Apply by May 2, 2015.

  • Calling all water, sewer professionals!

    How do you plan to improve utility operations over the coming year?

  • Help wanted: Engineering Technician, Community Development Department

    The City of McMinnville is Oregon’s wine capital, halfway between Portland and the Pacific Ocean, and kicks off its summer concerts July 7 with the Ben Rice Band. We can’t understand why this position’s still open after more than three months. Position open until filled.

  • Streetlights save money

    Wireless technology is turning streetlighting into extremely valuable public works real estate.

  • States, cities issuing $357 billion for public works projects

    "We've put off maintenance for years," says the commissioner of Atlanta's Public Works Department of the $250 million the city's spending on roads, bridges, and other projects. After years of budget balancing, government coffers are opening again.