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  • Scapegoat time in Flint

    Drinking water regulations are boring and difficult. It's easy to assume authorities are doing the right thing, but irresponsible.

  • Ever Heard of Cement-Treated Asphalt Base?

    If not, today's your lucky day. Read on to learn how the Utah DOT won this year's Triad Award, sponsored by Public Works, with an innovative way of recycling asphalt pavement.

  • World’s Longest Elevated Bike Trail Lights Up

    For 80 years, the Bloomingdale Line hauled coal, furniture, yeast, and toys to and from businesses in northwest Chicago. For $95 million, the Chicago DOT transformed this former railway into a recreational trail connecting four neighborhoods.

  • Former Elected Official to Lead Public Works Professionals

    On April 15, association-management veteran and former City of Golden Valley, Minn., council member Scott D. Grayson will take the helm of North America’s only professional public works organization.

  • Just When I Thought Flying Couldn’t Get Scarier

    As I planned my travel from Chicago to Nashville for World of Asphalt, I came across a website that made my hair stand on end. If you work at an airport, you probably know about the Federal Aviation Administration’s Wildlife Hazard Mitigation program. But I had no idea the danger that critters...

  • Secrets of Municipal Pavement Champs

    Each dollar spent on keeping pavement in good to fair condition keeps street department from spending $4 to $5 on rehabilitation or reconstruction. That's a formula this award-winning California city knows well.

  • Check Out This Award-Winning Roundabout

    I attended World of Concrete in Las Vegas earlier this month. Imagine my surprise at learning about this neat public works project during an American Society of Concrete Contractors awards presentation.

  • Defining public works

    A reader helps the editor with a definition for public works. Can you think of a better one?

  • Please, Please, PLEASE Take Our Salary Survey!

    It's come to my attention that not all of you received the salary survey questionnaire we e-mailed on Feb. 1. If you didn't, we'd greatly appreciate your responding now by clicking here. We use your anonymous answers to produce the only analysis of North American public works compensation packages.

  • It’s That Time of Year Again!

    Not to offer a sacrifice to the snow gods, although those of you on the East Coast would probably like to. Rather, it’s time to find out how much money you make (anonymously, of course).