Other stories by Public Works Staff

  • Flood modeling software by CH2M Hill

    Flood Modeller Pro 4.0 integrates individual modelling components within a single application.

  • Drinking water treatment by Xylem

    Oxidation-enhanced, biologically active filtration produces clear and biologically stable drinking water free of taste and odor issues.

  • Digital THM measuring by Parker Hannifin

    Use the On-Line THM Analyzer to identify and resolve age issues, amend flushing to save water, and monitor storage tanks in real time.

  • Digging tubes by Super Products

    The Super Tube lasts almost four times longer than standard digging tubes used on tough hydroexcavation and sewer cleaning jobs.

  • Composite trench covers from Fibrelite

    Two lifting points prevent back injury and keep fingers out of harm’s way by eliminating the need to bend and lift.

  • Hotbox reclaimer

    Machine’s burner and key components are located above the frame, resulting in a fraction of the maintenance costs of similar equipment.

  • Energy-efficient lamp

    The lamp is suitable for fully enclosed fixtures. Available for a range of voltages and renewable (solar and wind) energy sources.

  • Truck-mounted asphalt patcher

    Manual control units help realize savings while offering from the ground in front of the truck.

  • Ride-on brush cutter

    Adjustable blade can be set to leave brush as high as 6 inches. Hydrostatic transmission and air-suspended seats reduce operator fatigue.

  • Sign post extractors

    The JackJaw’s jaw-and-lever mechanism enables a crew member to pull stakes and posts out of the ground without bending them or straining his back or shoulder.