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  • Rotary hammer has long run time

    Milwaukee Tool's SDS Plus Rotary Hammer provides long run time and great speed.

  • Distance laser

    Stanley's new Laser Distance Measurer features a variety of functions in an easy-to-use design.

  • 2014 AWWA ACE and 2014 WEFTEC exhibitors

    This year our annual WaterWorks round-up also includes stormwater products.

  • Urban stormwater bioretention

    Product combines landscape vegetation with specialized filter media to meet state requirements for pollutant removal under TAPE and TARP testing.

  • Protect catch basin outlet pipes

    Structure prevents debris from directly exiting the outlet pipe, increasing flow length and setting time while reducing pollutant discharge.

  • Rugged handheld computers

    The devices feature an ultra-bright IllumiView 4.3-in display designed for clear viewing, even in glaring sunlight.

  • Multisource subsurface utility management

    Subsurface Utility Engineering geo-coordinates survey information, CAD data, GIS, Excel spreadsheets, and Oracle databases to identify and resolve conflicts between new construction features and existing utilities.

  • Stormwater drainage

    Hydrotec MAXI 150 expands and contracts with the components around it, lessening the likelihood of structural problems.

  • Alternative to flanged valves

    The Series 461’s grooved ends make the all-stainless-steel butterfly valve easy to install.

  • Leak detection system

    Floating Ball Technology gives Omni meters the precision to capture low-flow water usage and the durability to measure high flows with accuracy without wearing out the meter.