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  • Sprayer attachment for mowers

    The new US250 sprayer features a universal mount that allows it to attach to the front of most available zero-turn mowers.

  • Efficient mini-trencher

    Both mini-trencher models, KT200B and KT2400B, can trench up to 30 feet per minute.

  • Earthdrilling attachment

    The 671 DIG-R-TACH Series 16 attachment is intended for smaller hydraulic systems; the Series 24 is designed for larger hydraulic systems.

  • Rubber tire mulching tractor

    The RTF230 is capable of 24 mph speed and climbing slopes is no chore.

  • Asphalt and concrete reconstruction & repair products

    These products will help public works departments place and maintain long-lasting asphalt and concrete pavement that meets federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

  • Jaw crusher and cone crusher

    The J-1175 dual-power jaw crusher and C-1540 dual-power cone crusher are electrically driven but equipped with an onboard gen-set so crews can set up a crushing and screening train anywhere.

  • Mill asphalt pavement quickly

    Mill pavement at conventional speeds to save fuel or run faster to finish the job sooner.

  • Quick-change application system

    Brooms come in 2 1/2-in. polypropylene, 3-in. horsehair, and 3-in. Tampico. Squeegees are 60 durometer 3-in.-by-5/16-in. neoprene rubber.

  • Concrete mix sets fast

    Made with alkali-resistant fiberglass fibers for crack and corrosion resistance, the concrete mix reaches 1,000 psi in three hours and 3,000 psi in 24 hours.

  • Screed endgates

    Rather than replacing the entire endgate, the V3’s easy-on, easy-off platform saves asphalt paving time by allowing crews to quickly swap attachment shoes.