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  • Rollers, pavers are operator-friendly

    The CA1300 and CA1500 soil rollers feature improved gradability so operators travel backward and up steep inclines with more confidence.

  • Retains stormwater runoff onsite

    Material provides permeable but flexible pavement that resists cracking in freeze/thaw cycles and even snowplow damage.

  • Asphalt repair for cold weather

    Crews can lay the pre-mixed material directly from the container, even at below freezing temperatures, and almost immediately open the road to traffic.

  • Expert insight for pavement performance

    The system incorporates site assessments and recommendations, design assistance including proposals and budget estimates, specifications for the MSL, and additional monitoring and advice.

  • Compactor saves fuel

    Double-drum compactor provides 3,300 vpm or 4,000 vpm, enabling the operator to maintain optimum impact spacing at faster speeds.

  • Precast pervious concrete

    Rain trickles through the open cell structure, making precast pervious concrete slabs and pavers a green infrastructure solution for managing stormwater.

  • Ford truck hauls more than 2014 model

    The 2015 SuperDuty F-450's towing capacity and gross combined weight rating are both best-in-class.

  • Two-post lift from Mohawk Lifts

    LMF-12’s twin-cylinder direct drive uses overhead hydraulic lines to lift vehicles up to 12,000 lbs.

  • Ram van is new breed of urban vehicle

    The 2015 ProMaster City provides 1,800 lbs of payload capacity and 131 cubic feet of cargo space.

  • Programmable multiload network

    Improve diagnostic capabilities with fewer wires by using the FlexTech system to connect eight power relays, 10 low-current outputs, and/or 10 digital inputs on a common control network.