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  • Demystifying Reporting Requirements

    Running a ‘transparent and accountable' operation when you don't have all the rules.

  • Stimulus reporting deadline extended; guidance issued

    The Obama administration wants 70% of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to be invested by the end of 2010. At mid-year, it was less than 10% of the way there.

  • Stick Together

    Special cements impart durability and speed in building and repairing concrete bridges and decks.

  • How to manage the funding your operation receives

    As of May 22, $36.7 billion of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds had been paid out. The federal government's target is to have 70% of the $787-billion Act invested by the end of 2010, which is why successful applicants focus on projects that can start now and deliver results quickly.

  • End of the Line

    Replace asbestos-cement pipe without turning the jobsite into a hazardous-waste site.

  • Combustion Makes a Comeback

  • Unexpected Payoff

  • The Long and Winding Road

    Permitting a water source in an environmentally sensitive area.

  • A Thorough Introduction

    How to ensure new hires are comfortable with the “lay of the land” as quickly as possible.

  • Bacteria in the Bayous

    In urban waterways, bacteria can come from many sources: storm-water runoff, illicit discharges, wildlife, leaking septic systems, sanitary sewer overflows, stream sediments, wastewater effluent, topsoil, and leaking sanitary sewer systems. Some contribute pollutants during dry weather and some...