Other stories by Michele S. Ohmes

  • Sidewalk widths

    Can someone narrow a 60-inch sidewalk to 32 inches for 2 feet and then widen it to 3 feet?

  • Question: Do wheelchair users prefer a 45-degree angle or more of a sweeping curve when making a turn?

    Answer: I want to make it clear that my answer is opinion, not regulation. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not have a requirement for either design.

  • Why restrooms aren’t a respite for the disabled

    Here’s how to design facilities that meet standards and the needs of people confined to wheelchairs.

  • No one sues themselves

    How to form a disabilities committee that turns ‘difficult’ people into powerful allies.

  • Ground surface and wheelchair users

    A short video you once showed on high-vibration vs. smooth ground surfaces has stayed with me in all my sidewalk, patio, and outdoor assembly area design projects. I heard the U.S. Access Board has researched the effects of ground surfaces on wheelchair users. If so, can you tell us more about it...

  • Emergency preparedness for citizens with disabilities

    QUESTION: Michele, I read your Winter 2014 Indiana LTAP Newsletter article about a really thorough approach to keeping people with disabilities in mind when preparing communities for disaster emergencies and, in this case, severe snow storms or even moderate snow conditions. Can you share that on...

  • Everyone should follow ADA guidelines for federal outdoor areas

    QUESTION: Michele, is it true that the Access Board has new guidelines for outdoor areas? I hope so! I’m a wheelchair user who loves the outdoors. —Kikki, Wyoming

  • Comments on full radius curb ramps

    I’ve received some wonderful comments concerning my full radius curb ramp post and would like to address a couple of them.

  • Where to find current parking, striping, signage regs

    QUESTION: A supervisor recently asked me for information on striping and signage of parking lots for ADA compliance, and I found “ADA Business Brief: Restriping Parking Lots” on the Department of Justice website. However, the document is dated January 2002. Is this information still accurate?

  • The importance of keeping curbs raised

    QUESTION: Michele, you said you might cover the full side-to-side radius curb ramp. I’m requesting that you do. At times engineers want to design that style and I personally have problems with it. — Conrad, Utah