Other stories by Laurie Banyay

  • Post-party pickup

    Take a page from these cities' playbooks to learn how to craft and execute an effective cleanup plan.

  • Battling graffiti with paint brushes

    The very thought of tackling a graffiti-ridden city strikes terror in the heart of even the most seasoned public works officials. Even after the graffiti tags are cleaned up, the battle continues. It's usually a matter of only days before it comes back—sometimes on a larger scale.

  • PUBLIC WORKS BRIEFS: August 2005

    Report promotes water system security, Illinois garners water tasting award, and other news.

  • Feeling ‘Down in the Dumps'?

    Cheer up. Spending an afternoon being down in the dumps isn't nearly as bad as you might think. After all, with trash galore, sewers, and waste streams to visit, how could you feel low?

  • Small town, big leadership

    Chad Garland hails from a town that few people can pronounce—and even fewer can find on a map. Zelienople (pronounced “zill-ee-in-opal”), a borough of just more than 4000 people, is in western Pennsylvania, about 30 miles north of Pittsburgh.

  • It's not easy being green—or is it?

    Kermit the Frog never spoke truer words: It is hard being green. But despite Kermit's difficulties, everyone learned to love him, making him an American icon.

  • Building legacies

    It takes determination, originality, and professionalism to be a true leader. It also takes patience and humility. The American Public Works Association (APWA) acknowledges these qualities with its annual Top Ten Public Works Leaders program. This year's leaders measure up.