Other stories by Kenneth A. Hooker

  • New hope for old bridges

    New inspection guide designed to better justify funding requests.

  • Preparing for the worst

    Assessing risk is key to managing underground assets.

  • Across-the-board fixes

    Look for solutions that have the broadest immediate application.

  • The benefits of ‘big brother’

    Using technology to boost return on investment.

  • Change can be fun

    Drivers compete to see who gets the most miles per gallon.

  • Speaking from experience

    Three Work Truck Show panelists share what they've learned about clean technologies.

  • Contracting for Performance

    Michigan awards a rehabilitation project based on expectations, not specifications.

  • Lead-In to Leed

    Puget Sound begins developing the nation's first “green certification” program.

  • Technology Transfer

    Long used to rejuvenate roads in the Southwest, asphalt rubber is gaining fans across North America.

  • Warming Trend

    A paving material that promises excellent performance, environmental benefits, and reduced cost, warm-mix asphalt (WMA) is generating enthusiasm among transportation managers. Though still largely confined to trial and demonstration projects in the United States, prospects seem favorable for it to...