Other stories by Jenni Spinner

  • Pollution-fighting pavement

    Missouri managers test-drive a smog-eating road.

  • A hair-raising situation

    Suburban Chicago team members find holiday cheer right under their noses.

  • Kidding around with pollution

    Meet stormwater education requirements with a toy that shows how clean water can be child's play.

  • Picking up on crime

    Program trains solid waste collectors to clean up community streets.

  • Old bridges don't die ...

    ... they just float away.

  • Every litter bit counts

    A troop of volunteers is trekking cross-country to pick up trash and educate about conservation.

  • Think small, save big

    Harnessing employees' collective brainpower to reduce costs.

  • Tweets and Sanitation

    Public officials are using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to get the message out about public works.

  • Picture this

    Larry Vines has spent more than three decades making concrete pretty.

  • Street art

    The stuff hidden underneath the manhole covers of the world ranges from unremarkable to downright disgusting. But just because they're hiding unspeakable stuff doesn't mean that the covers themselves have to be ugly.