Other stories by Jenni Spinner

  • Rescuing our roads

  • Rock 'n roll 'n recycling

    Music festival wants to leave behind a message, not mounds of garbage.

  • Playing with nature

    A team sport helps communities prepare for stormy weather through gaming.

  • Plowing ahead, towing behind

    A simple yet innovative attachment doubles a truck's snow-removal capacity by hitting two lanes at once.

  • Easy-to-read early-warning system

    Google-generated maps increase the effectiveness of first responders.

  • Tanks for the memories

    A Kansas water tower rises above the crowd, thanks to aesthetic design, a tough coating, and the story behind it.

  • Trashing junk mail

    An innovative program eases the burden on waste collection budgets and the environment by keeping unwanted materials out of landfills.

  • Post-winter clean up

    While shoveling away record snowfalls, public works agencies uncovered some valuable lessons.

  • Signs point toward a battle

    Citing civic pride and financial constraints, a town fights federal retroreflectivity mandates.

  • Fish and chips

    From providing shelter for aquatic wildlife to mulching local landscape, agencies keep old Christmas trees out of landfills and give them new life.