Other stories by Daniel C. Brown

  • Selecting a vehicle-mounted generator

    On-board power in public works fleets is increasing due to the need for lighting and computerized equipment. Here are some ways to get that boost when you need it.

  • Tips and trends in work truck safety

    Truck safety is a matter of life and death. That's why equipment inspections and safety training should be regular tasks in the routine of every well-run public works fleet.

  • Automating asphalt compaction

    Virtually all roller manufacturers in the U.S. market are removing the art from asphalt compaction and making it more of a science. BOMAG Americas, the Hamm Compaction Division (Wirtgen America), Ammann America, and Sakai all offer some version of intelligent compaction.

  • The asphalt QC challenge

    Over the past 20 years or so, the majority of state DOTs have transferred primary responsibility for quality control of asphalt materials over to the producers doing the work. But state agencies nevertheless know that to a large extent, the buck stops with them when it comes to quality assurance.

  • How to choose a sewer cleaner

    Nick Woodhead, the President of U.S. Jetting, weighs in with some sound advice on the right equipment for your sewer cleaning job.

  • Warm mix: the push is on

    Industry professionals are putting warm-mix asphalt to the test in an effort to fast-track the environmentally-friendly substance to mainstream use.

  • High-tech systems monitor fuel use

    In these days of high fuel costs, it's important to know how well your fleet is doing with respect to fuel mileage and use. A good fuel management system can help you do that. You can identify vehicles that are not getting good fuel mileage, and you can use the mileage information to schedule...

  • Dealing with driver/operator shortages

    In-house training has proven to be the answer for public works departments that have difficulty finding qualified equipment operators and truck drivers.

  • Open-ended truck specifying speeds process

  • Fleet software saves time, money

    If you want to avoid having horror stories to tell, said Sam Lamerato, do your homework thoroughly when choosing your fleet management software. It's a must to visit another government agency to see your prospective software in action, said Lamerato, former chairman of the Fleet Services Committee...