Other stories by Craig Guillot

  • Battle at the beaches

    Impatient with official efforts immediately after the Deepwater Horizon oil well explosion, Gulf Coast managers took cleanup into their own hands.

  • Disaster blasters

    From Oct. 20 through Nov. 7, during one of California's driest years on record, a large swath of the state was engulfed in flames. As in all natural disasters, public works played a critical role. Employees were assigned to fire crews to designate evacuation routes and close roads. Before the last...

  • No Time for Café au Lait

    New Orleans' recovery is a tale of two cities where repair and rebuilding sit side-by-side with demise and despair. At times it seems that improvements aren't happening fast enough, but city officials say that--considering the damage it suffered--the recovery is just where it should be.

  • Safe houses' guard Louisiana water workers

    In Katrian-ravaged Jefferson Parish, contractors and parish leaders are rushing to construct “safe rooms” at 20 pumping stations in the parish—a move that can protect both lives and property.