Other stories by Bill Palmer

  • How one person can clean out an entire culvert

    When sediment completely blocked a culvert on his property, Concrete Construction Editor-in-Chief Bill Palmer found this nifty tool online. His wife then proved that it works.

  • Economist Ed Sullivan addresses U.S. recovery

  • Our fearless leaders

    By the time you read this, it's possible that our nation's elected leaders will have figured out a way to fund transportation in this country. After countless extensions, proposals, and threats, it seems that the House, the Senate, and the President are at last drifting toward a compromise on what...

  • Wild ideas

    When the highway bill (SAFETEA-LU) finally passed last summer, some believed—perhaps naively—the federal government was at last providing sufficient funding for America's highways. That, unfortunately, was not the case. The American Road and Transportation Builders Association's analysis states...

  • Large or small

    My home is on a dirt road about a mile outside of the tiny town of Lyons, Colo. My “neighbors” are an independent bunch who raise goats and build their own homes. Typical of people who live in the country, far from cities and towns, they are relatively self-sufficient. We have our own...

  • Active and effective

    Safe drinking water plants should be at the top of the list for public works professionals. Adding security measures to a treatment system should be paramount.

  • Like a father

  • Invaluable Information

    Prior to joining Hanley Wood, I ran a small technical association in Boulder, Colo. I had hired a senior engineering student to work part time and she was wonderfully talented and bright, but totally hung up on the computer. She did everything on the computer—even phone messages. Once I asked her...

  • Environmental realism

  • Added value

    In the other half of my life, I am editor of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazine. In that role, I have to keep in touch with the issues that weigh on the minds of concrete contractors—things like finding and keeping good employees, managing projects to stay on schedule, and struggling to control quality...