Other stories by Amara Rozgus

  • Snow fight

  • Integrating interns

    Incorporate high school and college interns into your budget and succession plan to mold future managers.

  • Design so others are green with envy

    Builders and renovators now have two options to ensure facilities are environmentally friendly.

  • 2007 salary survey: How do you stack up?

    Though compensation is stagnant and even falling (slightly), benefits in the public sector remain solid. Here's the skinny on what you're worth, based on our second annual salary and benefits survey.

  • Pushing overdrive

    Enhanced software gives users the ability to collect, interpret, and share data. Six users tell us how these technologies help them speed data collection.

  • The buck stops here

    What to do when elected officials start pitting the cost of your department's services against those of private vendors.

  • Starting off with a splash

    Determining an appropriate rate structure can be tricky, but with careful preparation, thinking long-term, and selecting a good staff, it can be done.

  • Forecast 2007: Water

    When it comes to the nation's potable-water supply, critical issues remain the same as last year, though some items—like U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations—shift slightly as scientists obtain more information about the effects of various compounds and impurities on public health.

  • Forecast 2007: municipal solid waste

    Not a lot to worry about here this year: As long as there's garbage, municipal solid waste (MSW) managers will have a job. The issues they'll face this year, however, are where that garbage is going and how its treatment is changing. As recycling grows, the amount of waste sent to landfills is...

  • 2007 Forecast: Fleets

    Even though truck sales in general are declining, sales to state and local governments will remain even with last year. Municipal fleets won't feel the money crunch or tightening emissions crunch until late 2007 or 2008—and later.