Italian yacht designer Christian Grande, recently unveiled an innovative floating village concept, Abifloat. The project is designed to be both sustainable, customizable and ultra-stylish.

The Christian Grande website states:

Living in nature, without borders. These are the axioms that were the starting points for "Abifloat", whose characteristics feature the possibility of customizing the external and internal spaces, with endless possibilities of modular expansion. From single studios to veritable villages on several levels. All designed to float on the water and fit in with the surrounding landscape.

The project was recently featured on Gizmodo, which provided some additional details and answers to  our question: What about basic infrastructure services such as sewage and power?

The home's flooring has been designed to house electrical and plumbing systems such as pumps, compressors and waste holding tanks, alongside hollow sections to offer thermal and acoustic insulation.

For a closer look check out this video rendering of the concept.