Pasco County Utilities partnered with the Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) on a three-year public education campaign that generated 2,200 entries and $3,700 in sponsor- driven goods and services.

This year's focus was on how the program's mascot, a water droplet named Drippy, makes his way from the aquifer to a faucet. Presentations were given to schools on water production and how water and wastewater are treated. Students then voted on the type of process they’d like to learn more about by creating a poster that illustrated the particular process.

The poster contest engaged students, teachers and parents directly, while the outreach program extended awareness throughout the entire community.

“The results far exceeded our expectations," says Pasco County Assistant Administrator Bruce Kennedy. “This partnership allowed Utilities to expand its water conservation message far broader than we could by ourselves."

“This is a testament to how effective organizations can be when they work together for a common purpose,” says FGUA System Manager Robert Sheets. “With continued education we can ensure that our youth will be informed, educated stewards of the environment.”

The award was bestowed by the Florida Section of the American Water Works Association.