San Francisco, CA – The Department of Public Works (DPW) announced today the launch of a one-stop shop on its website that will make it easier for contractors to search for contracts, bid on projects, find project information, access documentation and track their payments for DPW’s construction projects and professional services.

“This new website portal is an effective and simple method that works to support the City's mission to hire San Franciscans and employ local contractors for City–funded projects,” said Naomi Kelly, City Administrator. “Increasing transparency for payment tracking and expanding access to contract documentation and information helps San Francisco residents and businesses connect with work on our public projects.”

The new website portal features a user-friendly design with simple and intuitive navigation and saves time for local contractors by improving access to information and transparency along all stages of the contract process. The contracts and bids website portal is accessible through DPW’s website


“DPW strives to use technology to improve how we deliver our services to the public.” said Mohammed Nuru, Director of the Department of Public Works, “We really want to take the guess work out of getting a contract with DPW by creating a friendly platform that helps to make us more responsive to businesses by enhancing access, increasing efficiency, and making the system easier to navigate.”

Prior to the portal, contractors had to navigate information about construction projects through a maze of various posting venues that were not in real-time, such as newspapers and manually updated web pages found on DPW’s website. In addition, when project listings on the Office of Contract Administration site expired – on average one month after the bid’s opening – interested parties who wanted information after the expiration had to fill out a public information request form with DPW – straining the department’s staff time and resources.

DPW’s new system of advertising projects allows contractors to access detailed project summaries; easily locate bidding information, such as requirements, due dates, and contact information; download official project advertisements (legal notices); and find important project links – all in real-time.

After a contract has been advertised for bid, contractors will be able to access information such as bid results of up to 12 months, award summaries, Awards of Contract and Certificates of Completion. Also, DPW anticipates the new payment tracking system to be a popular function that will help contractors manage their finances in real-time. The new site also features a search function, which allows interested parties to locate a project without sifting through the city’s myriad of postings.

DPW offers three types of contracts: construction contracts for the construction, repair, and improvement of public buildings, streets, parks and playgrounds; professional services contracts for services rendered by engineers, architects, auditors, and consultants; and contracts for equipment, supplies and other general services that provide materials necessary for the maintenance or repair of the city’s infrastructure.

DPW is responsible for the care and maintenance of San Francisco’s streets and much of its infrastructure. The department cleans and resurfaces streets; plants and maintains City street trees; designs, constructs and maintains city-owned facilities; inspects streets and sidewalks; constructs curb ramps; removes graffiti from public property; and partners with the diverse neighborhoods in San Francisco to provide stellar cleaning and greening services.