Trendsetter nominations

PUBLIC WORKS magazine is now accepting nominations for the 2006 Trendsetters list. Trend-setters are public works professionals who, in the past year, have made an impact in their community, in legislation, across the nation, and in people's daily lives. The list recognizes their accomplishments and dedication. Nominate someone from your own organization or a public works official that you have worked with recently. Nominations are due July 28. To review nomination information, visit or call 800-837-0870, ext. 2583.

EPA sets final rule

The U.S. EPA has established tighter emission limits for large municipal waste combustors. The new limits—which are an updated version of limits set in 1995—apply to facilities that burn more than 250 tons of municipal solid waste per day. The rule aims to reduce nitrogen oxides, mercury, and other hazardous air pollutants. The limits for dioxins and furans also have been reduced from 60 nanograms per cubic meter to 13 nanograms per cubic meter. For more information and to download a copy of the final rule, visit

Infrastructure Solutions Summit

The Civil Engineering Forum for Innovation (CEFI) hosted the Infrastructure Solutions Summit April 25–26 in Washington, D.C. The summit—which had a theme of “Moving from Awareness to Action”—focused on the nationwide decline of infrastructure and how to gain support for improvements. Topics discussed included the importance of innovation, the role of the private sector, the formation of partnerships between the private and public sectors, different ways to finance projects, and assessing public opinion. The keynote speaker of the summit was U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) formed CEFI in January 2006. The forum's goal is to strengthen communication and cooperation among industry representatives, academia, government officials, and ASCE leaders. For more information, visit

World Water Center launched

Marilynn Deane Mendell—the Water Chair of the Washington, D.C., Rotary—initiated the World Water Center, an independent, non-partisan, charitable organization that rates and provides information about water projects worldwide. The center assesses projects' sustainability, appropriateness, cost effectiveness, and environmental impact. The organization's Web site contains a calendar of a variety of global water-related projects, events, and conferences. For more information, visit


The “Creative contracting” story beginning on page 54 of the June issue incorrectly identified the key players in the Better Jacksonville (Fla.) Plan. On page 54, the two pictured are Dave Schneider (left), senior program manager, department of public works, and Christopher Bentley, inspector. On page 55, pictured (from left) are Ed Hall, interim director of the department of public works; Alan Mosley, chief operating officer of Jacksonville; and Dave Schneider. PUBLIC WORKS regrets the error.